Who better to help us design the future than those who will inherit it?

Very few nations on earth have experienced more far-reaching growth in just a few decades than the United Arab Emirates. And as the country looks toward its centennial, its vision remains bold, ambitious and optimistic.

The UAE of the future will be driven by a creative economy, fueled primarily by ideas. This future will need input from those who are innovative and entrepreneurial, ready and willing to make a valuable contribution to the nation’s future through their curiosity, generosity, and their creativity.


In the summer of 2017, Palmwood ran a series of creative camps for children. The task — to get young kids to define and design the future of the UAE.

Learn more about the camps and the important topics that surfaced. 


What happens when you take young minds seriously and build on their ideas? We paired a few of our camp-goers with designers and architects to find out.

Learn more about our collaborations with children and see what they designed!