Kids Imagine 2071

Enter Camp FFWD «Fast Forward»

Over the course of several weeks, our team ran a host of activities with children aged 9–14 designed to boost creativity and spark imagination in order imagine a bolder, better future for the world they wished to live in.

FFWD_ Fujairah_Day1-158.jpg

The camp was specifically designed to:

01 Values.png

be rooted in values

We helped children create personal connections to the future by identifying what mattered to them the most and using them as prompts to design a future based on those values.

02 Real Challenges1.png

focus on real challenges

We framed 24 missions around real-world challenges and aspirations and asked children to imagine radical solutions to the issues they identified with the most.

03 Tangible.png

Bring ideas to life

We encouraged children to express their wisdom and creativity through various mediums and taught them how to make their ideas tangible quickly.

04 Amplify Voices2.png

Amplify voices of children

We gave children opportunities to share their ideas and wishes for the future with adult designers and national leaders who committed to taking them forward.


In the future we want...

The camp culminated in children working on projects – designing solutions to an issue in the world that they identified as important. We grouped their project ideas into 8 themes. Browse though the galleries to learn more about the future they want to see and be part of creating.

I’ve learned that kids my age think differently, they see the future in so many different ways
— Basma, 13
I wish school was more like this!
— Abdulrahman, 11
I discovered more about myself at this camp. I thought I liked everything but this helped me find out what I really care about
— Jamela, 13